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Get Ready for 2016!!!

Yellen did it. So as we predicted almost a year ago in our annual Report “The Outlook for 2015!”

Now you will see a fake “bull market” or lets better call it –“Rally” in the equity markets to give the public and investors a false picture of the situation. Remember: The crash has already begun in “Shmitah” as we also predicted in our Report “The Outlook for 2015” almost one year ago!!!

So don’t be fooled by the rising market (DAX/DOW/S&P500 etc.) during the next 3 months. The big panic will hit the fan in 2016 for sure and then it will be too late to short the markets. We recommend to you, subscribe to our Newsletter or buy our new upcoming annual Report “The Outlook for 2016” to “make a killing” during the coming times via the help of the right put options and other countercyclical tools, which will create a whole new class of millionaires in the next 3 years!!!


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