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Our Goal

Our main goal is to give "the average Joe" the chance from being a "working slave", trapped in the hamster wheel, to becoming a cash flow investor. A human being that is (financial) independent from the global economy, the government, or any 9 to 5 job.

There are only two types of investors:

1. The Capital gain investor and
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2. The Cash flow investor
Stage 1. Investing for profits Stage 2. Investing for constant cash flow

It is only possible, to become a cash flow investor (stage 2), when you are wealthy! No matter what other "experts" on this field are telling you. Why? Well, because you need thousands, if not millions to invest in such a manner, that you can a.) keeping a high standard of living b.) to generate several sources of passive income and c.) be at the same time diversified.

This is only possible, if you have at least 1 Million dollars of "free" cash available. And to bring this state into existence, nothing (in our opinion) is more obvious, then to operate in the international equities and commodities markets, specifically the derivatives market. Even if this one is becoming more and more a gigantic ponzi-scheme. However, we do not share the views of many investors e.g. the investor Robert Kiyosaki (we very appreciate this man), who considers everybody should only invest for cash flow. This is not possible without the help of debt. Point! These gentlemen often forget, that they are already on stage 2 of the money game. So they have all means to use millions and even liabilities in such a way, that they can make a "good" living out of their investments.

So when you don't have already "millions" of dollars, then you are on stage 1 of the money game. Here it is all about generating extremely high-short term capital gains, to move with the help of these methods from stage 1 to stage 2 and then finally becoming a cash flow investor. This is the only safe and serious way, to build up sustainable investments, which really can maintain a high standard of living, effortlessly.

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