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Our Strategy

The foundation of our investment philosophy and strategy forms the Austrian school of economics. Thus we can recognize the caused market cycles by the today monetary policy, like Inflation and Deflation- Booms and busts, very early and usually aren't surprised by any "crash". Besides, the Goldfinger-Report™ distinguishes itself by his lonesome and mostly countercyclical recommendations, which give the biggest profits in most cases. That is because we think in the stock markets – nothing its leave on its own and is in reality – in total control of the "hidden hand". A small group of "banksters", industrialists and some Insiders, which are directing the global markets like an orchestra. Therefore we developed some special indicators and a global network of real insiders from society, politics and of course – finances, to gain extreme profits with the help of these "hidden plans". In the chart analysis we help ourselves of the Elliot Waves theory, as well as the Fibonacci Retracements. Fundamentals are also considered. Nevertheless we think taking note of the planed agendas for the markets and politics, is playing a bigger role than any chart Analysis!

The Motto in the 21st century is: Profit where others lose! Only those who understand the perfidious mechanisms of the (private) central banks can make huge profits – while the bright masses of the people are being left as unsuspecting viewers, which in the end of the day – always pay the price.

In the focus stand with us shares, derivatives and other lever products, which promise an above-average performance-the so-called "10 baggers". Shares and derivatives, which at least increase tenfold.

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