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... they call him Goldfinger...

Alexander J. Fuchs is a German investor, author, entrepreneur and the founder of the international market letter the Goldfinger-Report™. The author grew up in a German middleclass family in Niedersachsen/Germany. His father was a high school teacher, his mother worked as a bank clerk.

After he finishes school he got an education as a Wholesale and foreign trade merchant in the wood-industry. Later he worked for a big international car parts supplier. Years, after he grow financial by his investments, he left the world of work (or "slavery" as he let himself be noted) by the age of "only" 24. Because of the lack of financial education people have worldwide, he decided to create an international newsletter that would help people all over the world to gain up their financial situation in the most effective and easiest form possible.

Now the author advises international companies, hedge funds and private individuals. At the heart of it, however, is the private investor since he has the most catching up to do.

The author in his own words:

"I didn't go down the road most people go of my business-sector. I don't have a high school diploma neither I took a classic banking education. And with that being said – I am very proud of it now – because at the end of the day, my mind isn't blinded with wrong ideals, dogmas and laws, which in reality don't work at all. And my own success in Life shows me: I was right about that one. The only key to my success was the always insatiable hunger for freedom, real knowledge and life itself. Thinking outside the box."

"Money only serves as a tool of two conditions – Freedom or slavery."

Alexander J. Fuchs

Alexander J. Fuchs

Founder & Chief Editor of the Goldfinger-Report™

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